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Get to Know Dr. Teresa Johnson Hernandez

Dr. Teresa Johnson-Hernandez is a born and raised country girl with small-town Texas values and a vision as big as Texas.She is the youngest of five children and was raised to understand the importance of faith, family, dedication, and hard work.

Teresa grew up in Mirando City, Texas. Her father, Judge Salvador Johnson, and mother, Vicenta Johson, now retired from Webb County Director EJ Salinas Community Center, taught her the importance of being a servant leader and giving back to her community. Teresa has been married to her husband Leonel Hernandez for 30 years and raised three remarkable young men filled with faith. They are now enjoying their role as proud grandparents. Leo served in the US Army and Teresa understands the sacrifices of being a military wife. After her husband served our county, Teresa’s family put down their roots in Bruni, Texas which they are proud to call home.

Teresa and her husband have dedicated their lives to South Texas and have served the community for over 17 years providing healthcare access and jobs through their MRI clinics. Working in the healthcare industry, Teresa understands the importance of quality healthcare and making it accessible to rural and south Texans. In addition to being a small business owner and entrepreneur, Teresa also values education and has completed the journey of obtaining a Ph.D. in Philosophy, specializing in Leadership Studies. She started with an associate’s degree at Laredo College, her bachelor’s and master’s degrees through Texas A&M International in Laredo, and finished her doctorate at Our Lady of The Lake University in San Antonio.

Teresa understands that quality secondary education opportunities and fully funded, safe public schools are what prepare our children to chase their dreams and provide businesses with a skilled workforce so our economy can grow. Teresa will fight to prioritize infrastructure so that our grid and our water are secure, and our transportation system can support growing trade opportunities. Teresa understands we must be prudent with our tax dollars while we also invest in our students and our infrastructure. Teresa has a vision of a Texas with less crime, more accessible healthcare, quality schools, and more job opportunities. She’s ready to step up and make it happen.

Dr. Teresa Johnson-Hernandez shares our South Texas values, is uniquely qualified from both her business experience and education, and is ready to go to Austin and fight for quality education, healthcare access, and safer, more prosperous communities.

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Dr. Teresa T. Johnson-Hernandez

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